Olympia-Lacey Sta., WA, photo by C. Hamilton
Olympia-Lacey Sta., WA, photo by C. Hamilton


AANW, borrowing from our partners All Aboard Washington, envisions a future where every traveler is empowered to move across the Greater Northwest, while providing communities with economic, environmental and equity benefits.

AANW's vision is for a multi-modal transportation connectivity for the Greater Northwest Region of the United States focused around a robust passenger rail system core.

Economic Benefits

Easy travel options help strengthen local economies throughout the Northwest.

Environmental Benefits

Rail is the optimal low-impact freight and passenger ground transportation option.

Equity Benefits

A good freight and passenger rail network contributes to high quality of life in our region for everyone.

Thirty percent of Americans do not drive, because they are too young, too old, too poor, disabled, or choose not to drive because of concerns about the future of the planet.

We will always need cars, especially in rural areas. But we need to ensure that our communities provide transportation access to those for whom driving is not an option.

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